New Product

April 2023
Lapis Tech released
16 bit new family
62Q2500 series/ 62Q2700 series
- speech playback engine
- 12bit A/D
- LCD driver

17th Jun 2022
Lapis Tech released
13.56MHz wireless charging LSI
- world smallest chip
- ML766x series charging power up to 1W
- SPI/I2C communication
- Wearables: smart glasses, watch, hearing aids, cooling fans, e-bike torque sensors etc
- Wireless Charging LSI

16th Jun 2022
Lapis Tech released
16bit high performance safety flash MCU.
- self diagnostic
- low noise
- various rom and ram size and package
- application: smart home appliances, industrial equipments
- kit with IOT modules to form genius solution.
- Lapis MCU

12th Dec 2018
Chiplus released DDR3
1G (8M x 16 x Banks)
1.5V (533MHz to 1067MHz)
1.35V (533MHz to 933MHz)
96 ball TFBGA

4G (32M x 16 x 8 banks)
1.5V (533MHz to 933MHz) 96 ball TFBGA

8th Nov 2018
Lapis-semi: IOT BLE digital hydrometer
Using 16bit MCU ML62Q1622;
LCD 23seg x 3com;
BLE MK71251-02A;
Temperature Sensor: 103AT-2;
Air Pressure: ROHM BM1383AGLV;
Illuminance Sensor: ROHM BH1730FVC;
Humidity Sensor: SHT20;

7th Nov 2018
New released CS56SD512NI-6 512Mbit SDRAM ;
20% less power;
low standby power consumption;
single die design;
pin to pin compatible to MG, Micron, Samsung & Hynix 512Mbit SDRAM;

27th September 2018
ROHM: High Accuracy Multi-Sensor Beacon using Lapis MK71251-01
Sensors used
ROHM pressure sensor BM1383AGLV
ROHM Geomagnetic Sensor BM1422AGMV
ROHM Ambient Light Sensor BH1721FVC
Kionix Accelerometer KX126-1063
MCU ML620Q504

May 2018
AMICCOM released new BLE 5.0 series
A3107M0 (dual mode) ARM M0 MCU LDO & DC-DC included
Application: Helicopter and airplane remote, home automation.

A3513 (single mode) 24bitADC 4x21 TN LCD driver 8051 MCU
A3512 (single mode) 24bitADC 4x15 TN LCD driver 8051 MCU
Application: Electronic scales, BLE smart devices.

26th March 2018
- homepages are updating to use html5 format

24th March 2018
- Kionix KX126-1063
- Built in pedometer and 3 axis accelerometer; lower CPU workload on steps calculation.
- arduino sketch, application note are available for customer; very suitable for wearable and watch